Some sort of duster

This series of ads features women who were in love with their brooms, but have now found new sex partners; and the attempts of the poor abandoned lovers to re-unite with these cold and perverted Jezebels.



Note how hopefully the mop in this one peeks from behind the shoulder of the messenger, only to have his hopes of returning to the woman's bed pitifully dashed.

Revenge for the Jedi

This ad gives women a chance to get their own back for all those Star Wars and Startrek movies their husbands have been watching continuously since the seventies by peeing on something that looks like a space ship whilst also proving that they got pregnant in spite of them.



I can't remember if the 'space ship' makes noise as it hurtles through the vacuum, but I bet it does (boy that Star Wars howler annoys me).


This ad, apart from showing how silly the advertisements for cars have become, hints darkly at the future for vehicular travel as the oil is all used up.





An ad that tells it like it is! This one demonstrates what we've suspected all along abour the mental age of everyone connected with the stock market.