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Here is a collection of notes to various really, really obscure references and puns and other stuff in the essays that, if either of us had a life, I wouldn't be writing and you wouldn't be reading.

-Enjoy! RHB

Peashootist Related Essay (355)

The title is a reference to that old John Wayne movie “The Shootist ” (Paramount, 1976)---though since it was soya1 beans rather than peas, I probably shouldn’t have bothered, especially since ‘peas’, being properly a noun of mass (in the past often spelled pease, peese or even peaze), makes ‘pea’ a barbarous back formation which would force me (as a devout etymologist) to analyse the word as *peas hootist---and a world of trouble with owl, not to mention Mammo-Centric Publicans of America*, lobbyists awaits there.

1 (Oh! And before we go on, that really is ‘Soya’ with an ‘A’, and it says something or other about the state of our two countries, that we in England seem to have taken the high road with the formal form, ultimately from sho:-yu or siyau-yu whereas you casual buggers took the low road with the more colloquial shoy or soy.) And I took the even lower road, but that’s a story for a different time---probably for a different audience too.

At least I didn't title it 'Peas Hooters"!

Related Essay (355)

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