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Here is a collection of notes to various really, really obscure references and puns and other stuff in the essays that, if either of us had a life, I wouldn't be writing and you wouldn't be reading.

-Enjoy! RHB

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1 Rowie Hrothers was named, by the way, for Mrs Vortigern. See here for an article on her---though I think they (spitefully??) turned the dental fricative into a dental plosive, Hrotwyn rather than Hroþwyn: 'Scum-joy' rather than 'Fame-joy'! The buggers!

2  Yes I know it's Luke who had the shepherds. Either it was a lapsus linguae (or more properly calami since I wrote it that way, or even more properly lapsus clavis, since I was typing rather than penning) or yet more evidence that I should have taken the hint of that lapsus discus durus* and left well alone.

* As it turned out, though it was hard it was not long-lasting!


a Crèche-Oo!g


Related Essay (403)

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